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Literacy/Storytelling (KS1)

A Caribbean Story

Explore the landscape, culture and traditions of St Lucia through the delightful and uplifting story of a child and her fisherman grandfather.

Literacy/Storytelling (Early Years (EYFS))

A Carnival of Stories

This special Early Years' Story Hunt will take your children on a sensory journey to celebrate stories from around the globe

History (KS1)

Adventures in Computing with Ada Lovelace

The amazing Ada Lovelace inspires your children with her love of maths and coding

Literacy/Storytelling (Early Years (EYFS), KS1)

Alice in Wonderland

Send your children on a magical adventure down the rabbit hole to discover the topsy turvy world of Wonderland

Geography (KS2)

An Indian Village

Immersing themselves in Chembakolli village life in the South of India, your children will take part in chores and pastimes, before debating important issues facing the community.