International Women's Day 2021

International Women' Day is celebrated annually on 8th March and celebrates the incredible achievements of women! At Freshwater we celebrate women's history all year round, in fact we deliver 300 workshops a year on inspiring women.

Our Inspiring Women workshop is a fantastic addition to your school’s International Women’s Day celebrations! 

Inspiring Women 

The workshop is available online and will introduce your children to some awesome historic female figures from around the world. Learn about the live and legacies of Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Edith Cavell and more. 

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Below are a few activities to help you celebrate International Women's Day in your virtual classrooms this year:  

Famous Females

Explain to your class that you are going to be celebrating International Women’s Day with a drama game. Start by asking the children to think of either a famous woman or a woman who is special to them (this could be their Mum, or another family member or even a teacher!) Get them to picture this woman in their mind, thinking about what they look like, how they move, what their facial expression is – are they smiley or would they look serious, determined or even cross?

Once they have them clearly pictured, ask them to get up and create a frozen image of the person, paying particular attention to their facial expression and posture. The children then take it in turns introducing themselves, as the person, to the group. They need only say their name, but you could encourage them to share more information. For example: ‘I am Jessica Ennis, I am an Olympic athlete and won a gold medal at London 2012’ or ‘I am Queen Elizabeth II, I am the current queen and do lots of charity work and likes corgis and hats!’ You could then ask each child to explain why they chose their woman.

This activity could be extended by asking the children to find out a little bit about each other’s character and then presenting this back to the group. Or you could ask the children to research a lesser known fantastic female and repeat the exercise. 

Woman on the Wall 

A great activity if you're celebrating the achievements of a particular woman(en) for International Women's Day. Ask the children to draw an outline of the woman that you’d like to focus on. Get the children to write known facts on the outside of the silhouette and thoughts and feelings on the inside.
 It’s great to examine historical characters in this way but it can also be useful to find out more about a character in a story and to support children’s own creative writing, encouraging them to really flesh out their characters.  

Self Reflection 

Explain to your class that many of the women that we celebrate had to overcome barriers and prejudices through their lives. From not being able to access proper education to not being acknowledged for their contributions, women have had to fight hard and have a lot of self belief. Talk to the children about self-belief and have them draw a self portrait and write a few lines about themselves.

  • What are their strengths?
  • What do they love about themselves?
  • What do they want to be when they grow up?
  • Who is their hero and why?

Perhaps encourage children/parents to file this piece of work away until next International Women’s Day and create another one next year. Perhaps this could become an annual tradition! 


Let us know how you plan to celebrate!  

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