Inspiring Women

Did you think the action was over regarding the Women's Suffrage centenary year? It absolutely isn't!

You can book our Inspiring Women workshop at any time of year of course, but there are more big events and 100 year anniversaries to celebrate.

In November 1918 The Parliamentary Qualification of Women Act was passed, enabling women to stand as MPs. Celebrate the anniversary this year in one of two ways! Book our Inspiring Women Workshop, or our brand new 'Democracy, Law and Liberty' workshop will give you a glimpse of parliament through the ages! Why not book both to really celebrate women in politics?


Our immersive workshop, Inspiring Women, brings the ideals of women's suffrage to life. It highlights significant women of the past and present, inspiring your pupils with their lives and legacies. 

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Led by Hera, the Greek Goddess of Women, the workshop will introduce children to a range inspirational women from various spheres: adventurous and pioneering women, women in the arts, women in politics and women in science.

Visiting different locations and time periods, the children will take part in activities to explore the lives of extraordinary women through history such as Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks and Edith Cavell, celebrating their achievements and considering how the children themselves might become inspirational people of the future. 


A fantastic addition to your school’s celebration of women at any time of year!




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"The children were enthralled and excited from the first moment. Wonderful energy, fab, factual, and entertaining. I learnt things I didn't know myself!"

Juliet Kantazi, Southbank International School, London

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