Protect the Planet

Summer has many focus days dedicated to protecting the planet, geography, nature, the world and space. This makes now a perfect time to book one of our Physical Geography or Science workshops. We certainly have fun facts whatever your focus, and a workshop for every occasion . . .

Choose a workshop below then enquire now!

Focus Days Coming up
5th June World Environment Day
8th June World Oceans Day
17th June Clean Air Day
21st-27th June National Insect Week
Suggested Topical Workshop
The Planet

Environment Alert! (KS2)

Baxter Bear's Rainforest Adventure (KS1)

Early Years’ Story Hunt - Polar Regions (EYFS)

The Quest for... Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Let's Locate... Geographical Features (KS2)

Oceans & Water

Rivers and Water (KS2)

Crossing Continents and Oceans (KS1)

Weather and Seasons (KS1)

Gardens & Insects

Science Machine: Animals, Habitats & Life Cycles

Science Machine: Plants & Growth

Early Years' Story Hunt - Minibeasts (EYFS)


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