Summer Reading Challenge drama workshops for libraries

Each year we create a drama workshop especially to support the Summer Reading Challenge, a national project delivered in libraries designed to inspire children to read. We visit libraries across Greater London with our specifically created workshops, bringing books to life for your young readers.

2017: Animal Agents

World famous zoologist Aristotle Darwinius has studied animal behaviour all her life. Now she is on a mission to fight crime, and she thinks that there are a lot of animals in the world that have special skills to make them fantastic crime fighters!

Invite her to your library this summer when she will be testing out her theory by enlisting children as 'Animal Agents' to help her battle injustice.

What skills do your pet cat or dog have to combat crime? Would the Pistol Shrimp make a better crime buster than the Komodo Dragon?

Discover the answers to these questions and so many more in this workshop, while being inspired by real life heroic animal stories and recreating animal heroes from your favourite books.

One facilitator visits your library and works with up to 30 children for an hour using interactive drama activities to explore the 2017 Summer Reading Challenge theme of Animal Agents. There will be a few props and visual aids but the focus is very much on the children exploring the topic through drama and the session is very interactive.

This workshop is designed for 6-11 year olds and will promote the importance of reading whilst encouraging information skills. Each session costs £117 + VAT.

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