• Meet Our New Facilitators!
    1 Oct 2019

    We are thrilled to have brought more talented facilitators onto our team. We thought you might want to learn a bit more about them, so we chatted to them about people who inspire them and why they do what they do.



    Kat Wesseling

    Kat is an enthusiastic, energetic and experienced children's performer and facilitator from New Zealand. With over ten years experience working with children and Kat loves to bring a light-hearted energy to sessions, while still holding the respect and attention of the group. Kat has created children’s and family theatre and often works with puppets, large and small. Kat loves to educate through performance and believes that it opens up a fascinating new world of learning for young people. 


    Describe yourself in three words.  
    Light-hearted, goofy and sharp.
    Do you have any secret talents?
    I make a spectacular vegetarian brunch.
    Tell us about a teacher who inspired you. 
    My Saturday drama teacher, Kate Parker. She introduced me to visual theatre, puppetry and physical theatre. 
    What’s your favourite place in the world?
    A tiny little beach town in New Zealand called Ruakaka (but shhh, it's a secret)
    Why is theatre-in-education important to you?
    I love seeing how the performing arts can alter young people’s moods, energy, confidence and lives.
    Kat will be our Knight of Knowledge taking children on quests through Anti-Bullying, Space, Superheroes and more!



    Genevieve Robinson

    Genevieve is a children’s storyteller and Disney teaching artist; she has presented shows at the London Science Museum, Discover Children’s Storytelling Centre and facilitates West End School Workshops for Disney The Lion King and Mary Poppins. Genevieve runs story sessions for schools, festivals, community groups and parties. In 2018 Genevieve was awarded the ‘Sally Goldsworthy Bursary’ from Discover Children’s Storytelling Centre, which led to the creation of her own show called 'Stories of Inspirational Women and how they changed the world’.


    Describe yourself in three words
    Energetic, passionate and bubbly.
    What was your dream job as a child?
    Tell us about a teacher who inspired you.
    A choreographer that taught dance in such a fun and exciting way, which enticed everyone to join in. Her style brought laughter with the right balance of calmness to wash away all worries and stress.  
    Who are you dream dinner party guests?
    David Attenborough, Robin Williams, Marie Curie 
    Why is theatre-in-education important to you?
    Drama builds confidence, creative thinking and collaboration. It brings a fun and safe space for children to explore and develop important skills that can be used in everyday life which hopefully sets them up for life's opportunities and challenges.
    Genevieve is leading Early Years Story Hunts which take children on quests through Fairytales, Pirates, Teddy Bears and more!

    Amber Ruby Evans

    Amber is a freelance facilitator, director and writer from East London. She trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and works in partnership with The Old Vic, Unicorn Theatre and The Yard creating imaginative and engaging workshops. Amber is experienced in working with a range of individuals, she has extensive experience of working 1:1 with young people with PMLD and ASD. She also currently runs a drama and arts club in a dementia care home. She is the lead artist for Spotlight Youth Theatre as well as being an Artis Drama and Movement specialist. 

    Describe yourself in three words.
    Ambitious, playful, eccentric.
    Do you have any secret talents?
    I used to powerlift, the heaviest weight I ever deadlifted was 135kg twice my own body weight. 
    Tell us about a teacher who inspired you. 
    Andrew - My drama A-Level teacher, the most incredible, unorthodox and inspiring teacher!
    Who are you dream dinner party guests?
    Drake, Nao, Akala, Shakka, John Boyega 
    Why is theatre-in-education important to you?
    It changed my life, and I know it has the power to change other people's too. 
    Amber will be leading workshops as Mary Seacole as well as delivering our St Lucia: An Overseas Locality workshop.
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