• This Month's Drama Game - Switching Uniforms
    3 Jun 2019

    When you think of a labourer, businessman or rockstar you might think of them dressing in a particular way. It’s funny to think of them switching clothes. 

    In this game, children improvise scenes where switches in “uniform” lead to all kinds of confusion and complications.


    How It Works:

    Provide players with an example: a cleaner is hovering someone’s office in the morning. They spot a brand new suit on the back of the door. After they have tried on the jacket, someone walks in and asks them for a report they are due, thinking they are someone else. The owner of the suit stumbles upon the situation and pretends to be the cleaner as they are avoiding the assignment.


    Take It Further:

    Put children into teams and ask them to come up with their own scene about switching uniforms and identities. After 20 minutes of practice, invite the teams to share their scenes with the rest of the room.


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