• This Month's Drama Game - I'm Behind You!
    29 Nov 2019

    It's easy to tell how someone is feeling when they're facing you. But, what if they're behind you?

    This game develops physicality and teamwork skills.


    How It Works:

    Place pupils into pairs. Ask them to practice showing five different emotions, without using words or sounds. Encourage them to give feedback on how to take the depiction of the emotion further. Get them to take turns acting out and observing. 

    Then, get them to do it with their back turned to the observer. This will encourage players to get out of their heads and into their bodies, thinking about their arms, legs, torso etc. For example, to show sadness they may focus on hunching their shoulders etc.


    Take It Further:

    Now, get the person observing to guess what emotion the person acting out is doing. This encourages teamwork as it is in each player's best interest for the observer to get the answer correct.


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