• This Month's Drama Game - Glass Slippers
    30 Jan 2020

    Bring beloved fairytales to life by getting children to take a step in some of their favourite character's shoes.


    How It Works:

    Using fairytales you are exploring in class (or ones researched specifically for this game), pick scenes which feature iconic footwear. From famous examples such as Cinderella to Puss in Boots, to winged feet and giant's boots.

    Read passages related to these scenes aloud and ask players to move around as if they are wearing the shoes related to the character being mentioned. Encourage children to "change their shoes" and the way they are walking and moving when the focus is on a different character.

    This will encourage children to think imaginatively as well as helping with their concentration and response times.


    Take It Further:

    Ask for volunteers to choose a character from your studies. Get them to act out out the physicality of this persona in front of a small group. Get the groups to guess who they are based on they way they are walking and moving.

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