Ancient Egyptian Exploration!

Subject: History
Age Group: 7-11 Year Olds (KS2)
Available in London

Join our daring explorer in unlocking the secrets of an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Encountering Anubis and Tutankhamun, can your children lift the curse and escape the tomb unscathed?

Two facilitators visit your school with a small set, props and costumes. With the Explorer, the children will visit our Ancient Eqyptian tomb and meet a range of different characters, from stonemason to Pharaoh, and even the god of the dead.

There are many interactive elements where the students help solve Egyptian related activities to lift the curse of the tomb. 


Key Areas

  • The River Nile
  • Pyramids and the landscape of Egypt
  • The battle between Alexander the Great and the Egyptians
  • The Afterlife
  • Tutankhamun
  • Osiris and Anubis 

Curriculum Link

  • The achievements of the earliest civilizations: Ancient Egypt


"The delivery was excellent - the children were learning as they laughed and stared in awe at the variety of characters and challenges they encountered. The content was very good. It reinforced the areas that had been covered and served well to introduce the ones to come."

Lesley Wakes, Orley Farm School, Harrow


Ancient Egyptian Day

Following Ancient Egyptian Exploration! in the morning, your children will be further immersed in history with two hands-on 45-minute workshops in the afternoon.

Unearth fascinating facts on the explorer’s ‘dig' whilst using ancient artefacts to bring Egyptian myths and legends to life.

Subject areas covered in workshops: hieroglyphics, social order, Egyptian Dance, creation story, Queen Hatshepsut


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Important Information

Type: History show
Length of session: 80 minutes
Price£240 + VAT
Number of children: 120 - extra children are negotiable
Type: History day
Length of session: 80 minute show, followed by two 45 minute workshops
Price£480 + VAT
Number of children: 60 - extra children are negotiable


• Curriculum specific
• Experienced facilitators
• Interactive learning
• Opportunity to observe children's progress
• Easy booking process
• Follow-up packs available
All Freshwater drama facilitators are DBS checked
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