Early Years Drama Workshops

With our Early Years' Story Hunt workshops, you can send your Nursery and Reception children on a magical learning adventure.

Specially designed for young learners in a highly interactive format, your children will investigate your chosen topic through a range of drama, music and story-based activities, collecting clues along the way to create a delightful story together at the end.

We have additional workshops which are suitable for Reception children, browse what we have to offer here.

  • Early Years’ Story Hunt
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Let our specialist Early Years facilitator lead your children on an action-packed, sensory adventure, picking up clues in order to create a magical story together. Highly interactive, lots of fun and available on a whole range of topics: 

    All Creatures Great and Small
    •   Animals
    •   Dinosaurs
    •   Minibeasts
    •   Ourselves
    •   Pirates
    •   Teddy Bears 

    Tales and Rhymes
    •   Fairytales
    •   Nursery Rhymes 

    The World Around Us
    •   Colour
    •   Food
    •   Growing
    •   Health
    •   Jungle
    •   Polar Regions
    •   Space
    •   Transport
    •   Water 
    •   French Fun 

    Celebrations and Festivals
    •   Diwali
    •   Festive Fun

    "What a valuable experience for our children. It was well pitched to cater for our Nursery and Reception children and they have been talking about the session all afternoon. The facilitator was a great storyteller and the session was well resourced."
    Nicki Wheeler, Roundthorn Primary Academy, Oldham
  • A Carnival of Stories
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West

    Currently unavailable in the South West

    This special Early Years' Story Hunt designed to support Black History Month will take your children on a sensory journey starting in England in Amazing Grace, then onto Kenya in Handa's Surprise and finally to the Carribean in Island Counting, with interactive activitied based around these stories.

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“Loved the link to the senses and how well all the children were included, looking forward to booking future workshops with Freshwater.”

Steph Taylor
Chase Bridge Primary, Middlesex
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