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Now in our 23rd year of creating educational drama, we are proud to have created workshops that have stood the test of time and support the learning of thousands of students each year.

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  • Early Years’ Story Hunt
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Let our specialist Early Years facilitator lead your children on an action-packed, sensory adventure, picking up clues in order to create a magical story together. Highly interactive, lots of fun and available on a whole range of topics: 

    All Creatures Great and Small
    •   Animals
    •   Dinosaurs
    •   Minibeasts
    •   Ourselves
    •   Pirates
    •   Teddy Bears 

    Tales and Rhymes
    •   Fairytales
    •   Nursery Rhymes 

    The World Around Us
    •   Colour
    •   Food
    •   Growing 
    •   Health
    •   Transport 
    •   Water
    •   By The Sea NEW!
    •   Jungle
    •   London NEW!
    •   Polar Regions
    •   Space
    •   French Fun 

    Celebrations and Festivals
    •   Diwali
    •   Festive Fun


    "What a valuable experience for our children. It was well pitched to cater for our Nursery and Reception children and they have been talking about the session all afternoon. The facilitator was a great storyteller and the session was well resourced."
    Nicki Wheeler, Roundthorn Primary Academy, Oldham
  • Florence Nightingale
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    KS1. Travelling with Florence to Scutari hospital and role-playing scenes from her life, your class will explore her childhood memories and her nursing legacy. Read more here.

    "The facilitator was brilliant the children really enjoyed their experience. I will recommend the group to the school and fellow teachers. It helped consolidate the children's learning for this term."
    Shweta Randeri, Hendon Prep, London

  • Victorian Schooldays
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West

    KS1/KS2. Travel back to 1899 and give your children a lesson they won’t forget as our Victorian schoolteacher assesses handwriting, drill and arithmetic. Read more here.

    "Children were enthused and amazed by the workshop they took part in. One child commented 'This was absolutely brilliant.'"
    Helen Lordan, Norbury Manor Primary School, London

  • Great Fire of London
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    KS1. Experience London in 1666 as we recreate life in Pudding Lane, become the fire as it grows and spreads, and meet the famous diarist Samuel Pepys. Read more here.

    "They loved it! Especially doing all the things and pretending to be the fire and the houses. Really kept them interested and learning- this is a very energetic class and they were kept on their toes throughout."
    Laura Comerford, Bute House Prep School, Hammersmith
  • Magical Toy Museum
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Reception/KS1. Late in the day, when all the visitors have gone home, your children enter the Magical Toy Museum.

    Using their bodies, voices and imaginations they will bring to life toys, both old and new, including china dolls, threadbare teddy bears and clockwork robots. Read more here.

    "Children were enchanted by the session and loved all of the opportunities for drama and role-play."
    Anna Norman, Brookburn Primary, Chorlton

  • MFL Storytelling (French, Spanish or German)
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West

    Spanish and German sessions are only available in London

    Immerse your children in French, Spanish or German as they bring to life two traditional tales entirely in a Modern Foreign Language. Up to 120 children can enjoy this interactive language experience, developing their listening and speaking skills and increasing their confidence.

    The following story sets are available:

    • Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs

    • Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood

    • Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Ugly Duckling 


    "Our boys loved the experience. The vocab and phraseology level was spot on and the constant repetition was exactly as needed but fun at the same time. The facilitator was a star performer who looked as though he was enjoying the show as much as the boys!"
    Gill Howard, St Anthony’s Prep School, Hampstead

    Suitable for KS1/KS2.

  • Volcanoes and Earthquakes
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Adventure with the Earth Explorer to some of the world’s most dangerous places as your pupils visit the sites of natural disasters, exploring the stages of a volcano and the causes and effects of an earthquake. 

    "The children were complety enthralled. This was such a great start to our new topic. The children are still talking about their mission now! All the children were included, a wow starter!"
    Laura Bingham, Moston Fields Primary, Manchester

    Suitable for KS2.

  • Thorgil the Viking
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West

    Reliving Thorgil’s journey from Denmark to England and taking part in a gripping retelling of the story of Thor’s Hammer, your children will explore different aspects of Viking life. 

    "A brilliant, interactive and fun addition to our Vikings topic.  The pupils absolutely loved it - they were completely engrossed and have been raving about it ever since!"
    Hilary West, North London Collegiate School, Edgware

    Suitable for KS2.

Seaside Journeys

Our popular summer workshop Seaside Journeys takes KS1 children on an exciting journey through time. Visiting seaside holiday destinations from 1910 till today, children will explore how holidays and pastimes have changed over the past century. 

Available in London and the West Midlands.

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