History Shows and Days for KS2

Transport your pupils back in time with our Key Stage 2 (KS2) history shows as well as full history days, journeying through Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Britain and Tudor England.

Our History Shows are led by two actors who play multiple roles and perform with a set, costumes and props.

• 80 minutes
• Up to 120 children

Our History Days feature our history show in the morning, followed by two hands-on workshops in the afternoon.

• 80 minute show, followed by two 45 minute workshops
• Up to 60 children
  • Ancient Egyptian Exploration!
    • Greater London & Essex

    Join our daring explorer in unlocking the secrets of an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Encountering Anubis and Tutankhamun, can your children lift the curse and escape the tomb unscathed?

    Available as a History Show or Day 

    Read more here.

  • Ancient Greek Adventure!
    • Greater London & Essex

    Are your children brave enough to join the Time Traveller on a daring mission, journey back to Ancient Greece and persuade Zeus, a rich Athenian and a Spartan slave to help them?

    Available as a History Show or Day

    Read more here.

  • Return of the Romans!
    • Greater London & Essex

    The live TV show Return from the Past is in danger of being cancelled! Faced with some unhelpful contestants from Roman Britain and the sudden arrival of Queen Boudicca, can your children save the show? 

    Available as a History Show or Day

    Read more here.

  • Trapped in Tudor Times!
    • Greater London & Essex

    The time machine is broken and the Time Traveller is stuck in 1500! Will your pupils be able to enlist the support of a host of Tudor characters to avoid being trapped in Tudor times forever? 

    Currently available as a History Show

    Read more here.

Outside London?

For Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Tudor sessions in South West, West Midlands and North West, browse our KS2 history workshops.


More History Workshops?

We have over 40 history workshops available across the UK. From the Great Fire of London to the Victorians to the Ages of Early Man.

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