Let's Locate!

Subject: Geography
Age Group: 7-11 Year Olds (KS2)
Available in London, North West, South West, and West Midlands

Armed with an expedition kitbag and a set of maps, the Earth Explorer will fuel enthusiasm for the world and its people, locating interesting places and uncovering fascinating facts. 



Let's Locate! The UK


Led by the Earth Explorer, the children will go on an expedition, using their map to explore the countries, counties and capital cities that make up the UK. Through encounters with people living in different locations such as the countryside, the coast and the city, the children discover what life is like across the different regions and landscapes of the United Kingdom. 

Curriculum Link

  • Locational knowledge: name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom, geographical regions, key topographical features, and land-use patterns


"Very useful session with several teaching points that will be developed and worked on in class!"

Judith Fredua, Halley Primary School, Limehouse



Let's Locate! Continents


Children will venture across the seven continents with the Earth Explorer, focusing on three in particular, namely Europe (including Russia), North America, and South America. Learn about the seven seas; discover flags and greetings at different locations; and the official language, climate and properties of the places they visit. 

Also available with a focus just on Europe or South America.

Curriculum Link

  • Locational knowledge: locate the world’s countries, using maps to focus on Europe and North and South America, concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities


"A good mix of listening, learning, doing and teaching others."

Joanne Wheatley, Bardfield Academy, Basildon



Let's Locate! Geographical Features


Pupils will go on an expedition led by the Earth Explorer to visit different climate zones (such as polar, temperate and tropical) and biomes across the world, discovering how plants, animals and people have adapted to life in these different conditions.

Through puzzles and activities they will explore hemispheres, tropics and time zones, demonstrating their knowledge to become members of the prestigious Explorer’s Club. 

Curriculum Link

  • Locational knowledge: identify the position and significance of hemispheres, time zones, climate zones, and biomes


"A fun, interactive way to learn about oceans and land masses. Covered lots of objectives quickly and imaginatively.

As usual, Freshwater delivered a fantastic morning of engaging learning. The children are always excited when they hear a Freshwater workshop is coming!"

Jacqueline Higgins, Focus School, Carshalton


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Important Information

Type: Drama workshop
Length of session: 60 minutes
Price£123 + VAT per session
Number of children: up to 30 - extra children are negotiable
All Freshwater drama facilitators are DBS checked
Please note that Let's Locate! UK, Let's Locate! Continents and Let's Locate! Geographical Features are three seperate sessions
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