Second World War

Subject: History
Age Group: 7-11 Year Olds (KS2)
Available in London, South West, and West Midlands

Plunge yourself into the blackouts, rationing and evacuations of Home Front Britain as your class imagines what life was like for wartime children during World War Two (WW2).

Help children understand this important point in time in a way which is engaging, sensitive and age appropriate.

One facilitator visits your school in role as a news reporter, writing an article about WW2. With activities that include responding to safety commands and roleplaying an Air Raid siren situation, children will help the reporter write an article about the lives of everyday people living during wartime.  


Key Areas

  • The life of civilians during the war
  • Safety commands
  • Air raids
  • Evacuation

Curriculum Link

  • Exploring important events in history and their impact

Important Events Link

  • Start of the Second World War, 1939 (1st September)
  • Remembrance Day (11th November)
  • Victory in Europe Day (8th May)


"Better than I could have imagined. We had different ages and different levels of 'outgoing-ness' with children, and all of them ended up being super engaged and loving it."

Catherine Rockhold, Battle of Britain Bunker, Uxbridge



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Important Information

Type: Drama workshop
Length of session: 60 minutes
Price£123 + VAT
Number of children: up to 30 - extra children are negotiable
All Freshwater drama facilitators are DBS checked


• Curriculum specific
• Experienced facilitator
• Interactive learning
• Opportunity to observe children's progress
• Easy booking process
• Follow-up packs available
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