Storytelling and Shakespeare drama workshops for Key Stage 2 (KS2)

Inspire Key Stage Two (KS2) with tales, myths and legends from around the world which we bring to life through drama.

Our storytelling workshops are a great way to celebrate school events like World Book Day (5 March) and Shakespeare Week (16-20 March). They can also be used to support history topics like the Ancient Egyptians or Ancient Greeks.

Our Shakespeare drama workshops are ideal for KS2 pupils. Sessions help children to access the language, characters and world of your chosen play in an interactive format. 

  • Stories from Africa
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West

    Also available as a Large Group session

    Watch as the tales of how Anansi became King of all the stories and how the Zebra got his stripes come to life. Your pupils will join in to create vibrant scenes inspired by African storytelling.

    "...linked brilliantly to our topic on African animals. The facilitator was a fantastic enthusiastic story teller and we loved that all children had a chance to be included in the storytelling."
    Amy Saddington, English Martyrs' Catholic Primary, Birmingham

  • Stories from Asia
    • Greater London & Essex

    Also available as a Large Group session

    Immerse your children in the ancient world of gods and goddesses and wise gurus as they explore two tales from sacred Hindu texts. Including the story of Rama and Sita, this is the perfect accompaniment to Diwali celebrations. 

    "The children thought it was really fun and loved joining in. The session was very interactive and high energy. It complemented our International Week and helped make it a celebration."
    Clare Constant, CET Primary School, Tower Hamlets

  • Isis and Osiris
    • Greater London & Essex

    Take a trip down the Nile to meet the famous pharaoh and his queen as your class explore the exotic world of Ancient Egypt. 

    "The pupils opened up and gained confidence to talk in front of an audience. It allowed them to express their skills as young drama students and certainly gave me more ideas for next term's drama lessons."
    Tom Duerden, Eleanor Smith School, Plaistow, Newham

  • King Midas
    • Greater London & Essex

    Decide if King Midas’ golden touch is a gift or a curse as your pupils visit his palace and bring this Ancient Greek myth to life. 

    "Children loved participation and can still remember the story now months later."
    Cathy Meredith, Smarden Primary, Kent
  • The Prince and the Pauper
    • Greater London & Essex

    Discover what happens when a prince and a pauper trade clothes and lives! Get whisked away to Tudor England in Mark Twain’s tale of mistaken identity.  

    "Children were fully engaged at all times, really enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of the experience. The workshop was a great mix of learning about history and storytelling. It generated a lot of discussion back in class."
    Michael Kelleher, Corpus Christi Primary School, Lambeth

  • Shakespeare
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Introduce your class to Shakespeare in a fun and accessible way. Bring one of the Bard’s plays to life. Explore plot, experiment with language and take on a host of captivating characters.

    Choose from one of the following plays:
    •   Hamlet
    •   Macbeth
    •   A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    •   The Merchant of Venice
    •   Romeo and Juliet
    •   The Tempest
    •   Twelfth Night 

    "Excellent drama workshop allowing children to develop their understanding of the story of Twelfth Night as well as the characters. Excellent value for money."
    Jackie Hunt, Beaconside Primary, Birmingham

  • Quest for Oliver Twist
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Creep down dark Dickensian streets to meet orphan Oliver, uncovering his family history and braving a visit to the workhouse and Fagin’s den. 

    "Engaging, inspirational and educational. It was even better than we expected and very well received by children, library staff and parents. We sometimes struggle to get children to borrow books relating to the topic after events but this time all the books went and I really felt the children's imaginations were sprung into life due to the excellent delivery."
    Josie Caplehorne, Welling Library, Bexley

  • Large Group Storytelling
    • Greater London & Essex

    Large Group Storytelling - Traditional Tales

    Your pupils will be drawn into three traditional tales as our storyteller plays with language, invites the children to take on a variety of roles and explores the morals of the stories presented. Choose from the following story sets: 

    •   Hans Christian Anderson's The Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea, and Thumbelina

    •   The Cracked Pot, The Fearsome Giant, and The Cedar Tree

    •   The Pied Piper, The Cobblestone Maker, and The Lion and the Mouse 

    "The children were totally enthralled by the storytelling and thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions. They said, 'Can he come back again tomorrow and tell us more stories?"
    Bex Wren, West Park CofE School, West Sussex


    Large Group Storytelling - Festive

    Perfect as an end-of-term treat to get you into the festive spirit. Delight pupils with magical tales from around the world. 

    "The storytelling and excitement level for the children was great! The whole adventure was multi-sensory and everyone was engaged and involved in the experience."
    Emma Burns, Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy, Birmingham


    You can browse our other Large Group sessions here.

  • Quest for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
    • Greater London & Essex
    • West Midlands & South West
    • Greater Manchester

    Step through the wardrobe and get swept up in the magic of Narnia as your children explore C.S. Lewis’ timeless classic. But when the time comes, will they want to return? 

    "Well pitched for all ages and abilities, good fun, a lot was learnt and achieved in a short space of time. It was just what I was hoping it would be!"
    Lucy Hall, Reay Primary, Brixton 

  • Shakespeare's Life and Times
    • Greater London & Essex
    • Greater Manchester

    Discover more about the man behind the plays. Explore the celebrated playwright’s life in Stratford-upon-Avon and London, the context of the Tudor period in which he was writing and his remarkable literary legacy.  

    "Fantastic opportunity to explore the language of Shakespeare in a fun and engaging way."
    Sarah McNeill, Tolleshunt D'Arcy St Nicholas CE Primary, Essex

  • Quest for Treasure Island
    • Greater London & Essex

    Explore the novel’s characters and experience what life would have been like for a pirate onboard Long John Silver’s ship, tackling riddles and activities a-plenty!

    "Good fun and linked well to our learning."
    Kirsty Dickenson, St Dunstan's College, London

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