Meet The Team

We are split into two working groups – the office team who organise bookings, props, workshop designing and creating, marketing and the general management of the business and the facilitators, a pool of 60 highly skilled, dedicated and well-experienced workshop leaders.

We all share a passion for working with children and bringing subjects to life using drama.


Carol Tagg - Director

Carol co-founded Freshwater in 1996 and she still performs in our history shows to this day! She has a wealth of experience within the education and arts sectors. As well as her Freshwater role, Carol works as a primary school teacher in Islington. Her favourite character is the Countess in Ancient Egyptian Exploration!

Helen Wood - Director

Helen co-founded Freshwater in 1996 and now has a largely strategic role. She has many years of teaching and performing experience in the UK and Europe. When she is not working for Freshwater, Helen can be found tramping in the hills of her home in Stroud with her dog or developing her solo comedy shows. She loved researching The Maya Civilization because it brought back memories of an exciting holiday in Mexico.

Dan Griffiths - General Manager

Dan joined Freshwater in January 2016. Dan has many theatrical credits over the last decade and joined us from a company running tennis coaching programmes in schools. When not at Freshwater, Dan can often be seen cheering on the Welsh rugby team. His favourite workshop is Science Machine – Healthy Eating as it combines his love of drama with staying fit and active!

Jess Monaghan - Resources Coordinator

Jessica joined Freshwater in July 2018 after working as a Learning Support Assistant at a primary school. After studying Performing Arts at university, she worked at the Dominion Theatre and Broadway Theatre. In her spare time, you will find Jessica with her mini-me daughter singing madly to The Greatest ShowmanHer favourite workshop is The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark because it was one of her favourite childhood books.

Phoebe Mills - Creative Development Officer

Before joining Freshwater in December 2019, Phoebe graduated from University of Birmingham with a degree in Drama and Theatre Arts. She has worked at Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham REP and as an administrator in a secondary school. She is passionate about drama-in-education as she has taught performing arts to 4-6 year olds since 2016. In her free time she loves to paint and craft! Her favourite Freshwater workshop is Inspiring Women because she loves learning about phenomenal females!

Ailish McAlpine-Green - Administrative Assistant

Ailish joined Freshwater in 2022. She has degrees in English with Creative Writing and Women’s Studies. In her spare time she plays diggers, dinosaurs, and trains with her four-year-old. She is currently trying to write a play. Her favourite workshop is Alice in Wonderland, because she loves the book by Lewis Carroll.

Dewi Evans - Administrative Assistant

Dewi joined Freshwater in April 2023. He is passionate about theatre and particularly loves musicals. Before joining Freshwater, he worked as a librarian and publisher, and has also lectured on English Literature. During his postgraduate studies he researched the life and career of Robert Louis Stevenson so ,of course, his favourite workshop is Quest for Treasure Island.

Freshwater Facilitators

Freshwater works with a team of over 60 highly skilled, dedicated and well-experienced workshop leaders. They share a passion for working with children and bringing subjects to life using drama.