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Literacy/Storytelling (Early Years (EYFS), KS1)

The Rainbow Fish

Dive beneath the waves to discover underwater creatures and worlds, as your children delight in bringing this tale of friendship and sharing to life.

MFL, Modern Foreign Languages - French (KS3)

The Three Musketeers

Journey back in time to the turbulent streets of Paris. Les gardes du Cardinal are pitted against Les Mousquetaires du Roi. The threat of violence hangs in the air, fights break out on every corner and impassioned mottos ring out.

History (KS2)

Thorgil the Viking

Reliving Thorgil’s journey from Denmark to England

Maths (KS1, KS2)

Times Tables Rock Stars Assembly

Our Rock Scout is on the hunt for Times Tables Talent! Using drama games and activities, this lively assembly-style session is designed to enthuse your budding maths rock stars!

History (KS1)

Victorian Homelife and Toys

The ‘new servants’ at Sudbury Manor must complete all household chores