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29 Nov 2023

Why is drama important to the history curriculum?

Hear from Freshwater facilitator, Alice Higginson-Clarke, about why she thinks drama is an invaluable tool to support the history curriculum

4 Jul 2023

Meet Our New Facilitators!

Learn more about our new facilitators who will be bringing our workshops to life.

1 Jul 2023

Top Ten Sessions

Our 10 most popular workshops

4 Jun 2023

Protect the Planet!

We believe learning about the environment, geography, nature and space is essential for young people so we've created a workshop for every occasion.

4 Apr 2023

Why Freshwater Matters to Me

Thoughts on the importance of Drama from Lesley Jones

2 Mar 2023

Drama Game – Hello! Goodbye!

Pupils must think on their feet to create captivating scenes using only two lines of dialogue as inspiration.