Protect the Planet!

04 Jun 2023

Throughout the year there are many focus days dedicated to protecting the planet. We offer several Physical Geography and Science Workshops. We believe learning about the environment, geography, nature and space is essential for young people so we’ve created a workshop for every occasion.

Choose a workshop below and enquire here!

Focus Days
5th June World Environment Day
8th June World Oceans Day
15th June Clean Air Day
24th-30th June National Insect Week
The Planet  

Environment Alert! (KS2)

Baxter Bear’s Rainforest Adventure (KS1)

Early Years’ Story Hunt – Polar Regions (EYFS)

The Quest for… Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Let’s Locate… Geographical Features (KS2)


Oceans & Water  

Rivers and Water (KS2)

Crossing Continents and Oceans (KS1)

Weather and Seasons (KS1)


Gardens & Insects  

Science Machine: Animals, Habitats & Life Cycles

Science Machine: Plants & Growth

Early Years’ Story Hunt – Minibeasts (EYFS)