Activity Inspiration

British Science Week Activity Inspiration

05 Feb 2024

British Science Week takes place this year between the 8th and 17th March, with the theme of Time. We’ve devised a few fun activities for you to use in your classroom:

  1. Make Your Own Sundial:
      • Teach students about the concept of a sundial and how it works.
      • Have students create their own sundials using simple materials like paper plates, pencils, and a light source (lamp or sunlight).
      • They can then use their sundials to tell the time during different parts of the day.
    1. Time Capsule Activity:
      • Discuss the concept of time capsules with students and explain how they are used to preserve memories.
      • Have each student create their own time capsule by filling a small box with items that represent their current interests, hobbies, and a letter to their future selves.
      • Seal the time capsules and discuss when they should be opened (e.g., at the end of the school year).
    2. Clock Design Challenge:
      • Provide students with materials like cardboard, paper, markers, and craft supplies.
      • Instruct them to design and create their own unique clocks, encouraging creativity while ensuring they understand the basic structure of a clock face and hands.
      • Afterward, students can share their creations and discuss the different ways time can be represented.
    3. Time-Related Storytelling:
      • Choose a few age-appropriate books that involve time travel or time-related themes.
      • Have a reading session with the students and engage in discussions about the concept of time within the stories.
      • Encourage students to create their own time-related short stories or drawings.
    4. Day in the Life Timeline:
      • Have students create a timeline of a typical day in their lives.
      • Provide them with strips of paper or a long piece of paper where they can draw and write about their activities throughout the day.
      • This activity helps reinforce the concept of time sequencing.
      • Alternatively, you could focus on the the day in the life or a character in a book you’re reading or a historical figure you’re studying.
    5. Time Bingo:
      • Create Bingo cards with different time-related activities or events.
      • Call out times, and students mark the corresponding activities on their cards.
      • This game helps reinforce the association between specific activities and the time of day.
    6. Shadow Play:
      • Discuss how the position of the sun affects the length and direction of shadows.
      • Take students outside at different times of the day to observe and measure their shadows.
      • Encourage them to record their findings and discuss the patterns they observe.
    7. Time-Related Math Games:
      • Incorporate time-related math games and puzzles, such as telling time using analog and digital clocks.
      • Use interactive resources, like online games or printable worksheets, to make learning about time enjoyable.


– Phoebe (Creative Development Officer)