Drama Game – Abi the Affable Aardvark

02 Jul 2022

Children will have to use their learning and imaginations to create scenes using words that begin with the same letter as their name.

A great opportunity to use nouns, verbs and adjectives artfully!

How It Works:

Ask children to divide themselves into five or so teams.

Get each team to make up a short scene. Each player should try to use as many words as possible that begin with their first initial. For example, Freddie might play a fire-fighting fish, and Leah might play a leaping lemur who likes lemons.

Encourage the children to not just act out the scene but to narrate what their character is doing. This builds their confidence alongside their speaking skills.

Have each team present its play to the rest of the class.

Take It Further:

Children tend to work with the same classmates or friends when they are asked to make groups. Get children to say an animal beginning with the initial of their name and then help them form groups based on whether that animal is a mammal, reptile, amphibian etc. This may work better with a small class size, but it’s an excellent way to enhance learning and encourage them to use their reasoning skills even if they don’t know the answer straight away. Split or combine teams that are too big or small.