Drama Game – Hello! Goodbye!

02 Mar 2023

Pupils must think on their feet to create captivating scenes using only two lines of dialogue as inspiration.

How It Works:

Resources: cards with opening and closing sentences

In advance, make up lines of dialogue which could be used to begin or end a scene. Have pairs of players choose two cards at random and ask them to create a scene using one line of dialogue at the beginning at the other at the end. For example:

Card 1: I trusted you not to lose them

Card 2: Have you seen my new shoes?

 Take It Further:

If you want to link it to what you are learning about in class, you could take lines from stories or books you are studying, and ask pupils to act out what happens between their two lines of dialogue. Make sure these are lines which the pupils will easily identify. For example, if you are studying Oliver Twist.

Card 1: ‘’What’s your name, boy?’ (Chapter 2)

Card 2: “Please, sir, I want some more.” (Chapter 2)

In this version of the game, pupils may require some additional prompting for when the lines of dialogue come in the plot. It matters less that they get all of the connecting events right, but rather that they use their imaginations to create scenes.