Drama Game – Making Motions

29 Apr 2022

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landings, here is a game about turbulent journeys.

In a game like tug-of-war, children learn how to move weight as a team. In this game, players respond to an object moving them.

‘Making Motions’ helps pupils think outside the box and builds confidence with working as a team.

How It Works:

Divide the group into teams of four. Give each team a scenario in which people are moved by forces and objects, e.g. an astronaut in a rocket after liftoff, a captain steering a ship in unsteady waters, riding in bumper cars.

Top Tip:

To relate it more directly to your learning pick scenarios which link to your chosen topic. For example, a captain steering a ship might relate to learning about Christopher Columbus, whilst an astronaut in space would relate to Neil Armstrong.

Take It Further:

Allow the groups to come up with their own scenarios and allow other groups to guess what the scenario is. Encourage cooperation by awarding mutual points to groups who have their scenario correctly guessed as well as the group doing the guessing.