Drama Game-The Bean Game

05 Jan 2022

This month’s drama game is a simple game, perfect for a class with an abundance of energy! The ‘Bean Game’ encourages, movement, alertness and an ability to remember instruction.

How it works:

Teach your children the different ‘beans’ and call out each individual bean, ensuring the children action the correct call.

(Make it a touch more competitive: the last person into the position is ‘out’, or becomes a ‘judge’ with the teacher. The last bean standing is the winner!

Runner bean- run round the space or on the spot

Frozen bean- still as a statue

Jumping bean- jumping on spot

Broad bean- make yourself as big/wide as you can

String bean- make yourself as tall as you can

Baked bean- crouch into a ball

Beans on Toast- lie flat on the ground (optional)

Top Tip:

Don’t feel the need to start off using every bean. Start with a few, then gradually introduce a few more as the game goes on to give the children greater challenge.

Further Activities:

Try using different characters, animals or anything that can have multiple actions.