Drama Game – The Party

02 Sep 2022

Time to host a party! Sounds easy enough. Except, you don’t know who anyone is. In this game, pupils use their powers of deduction to work out who other players are in the scene.

How It Works:

Lay out five characters or historical figures from whatever topic you are studying. Secretly assign each character to a pupil in your class. Using a clear space, get pupils to enter the party one by one. Pupils should use their role-play abilities as well as how their physicality relates to their character and status to help give clues to the pupil which is assigned as the host. After five minutes or so, get the host to guess who each of the characters are.

Take It Further:

If you are looking for a more fast-paced version of this game, give pupils who are observing the role-play game the opportunity to get involved. If a pupil sitting watching the action can guess one of the characters they can swap and become the host themselves. The final host is the winner of the game.