Drama Game – Weightless

04 Feb 2022

Take your pupils on an intergalactic adventure. ‘Weightless’ helps pupils sustain their energy by focusing on concentration.

How It Works:

Get the children to spread out around the room. Begin with a breathing exercise. Ask the children to breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth. Do this for a couple of minutes, encouraging them to concentrate on their breathing in silence.

Now, tell the children to imagine they are weightless, like an astronaut in space who can float and drift at will.

Top Tip:

To encourage further concentration on their breathing, tell the children to only move when they exhale, and pause as they inhale.

Take It Further:

Pick a scenario involving weightlessness (or near weightlessness). Ideas include walking on the moon, scuba diving or parachuting.

Tell the children a story and invite them to act it out. Ensure you have carefully thought out the scene in advance. However, you can also leave room for them to explore their imagined environment and to ask the children what they can see.