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15 Years and Counting – Why I Work for Freshwater

21 Dec 2023

What keeps you working for one company?

Apparently, I have worked for Freshwater as a drama facilitator for so long that I am older than their database! We reckon that’s about 15 years…wow. Not bad for a freelancer. So I am going to list the reasons why, aiming for 1 reason for each of those 15 years. Here goes (in no particular order):

  1. A company with kindness
  2. Flexibility
  3. Experts in Education
  4. Experts in Drama
  5. Fun workshops
  6. Belief in what they do
  7. Supportive office team
  8. Ever evolving, willingness to develop and change
  9. Relevant
  10. Supportive of my other creative work and development
  11. Good communication
  12. Organised
  13. Days that make me smile
  14. A chance to be creative and enjoy acting
  15. Opportunity to use my skills and passions to help spark children’s imaginations and enhance learning

15 reasons. And I could go on. I wonder which on my list would be on yours?

Like me, you probably have days when working with young people in a school setting is an utter joy or a fulfilling challenge, and then there are the other days…there are lots of reasons to keep going, even on such days!

15 shining examples, above. But for 15 years for the same company…why? I’m wondering what the strongest reason is on my list.

A company with kindness is a big thing. You can’t beat being treated well, especially in the  acting business.

But to keep me trekking across London with my bag of props, to keep some 9+ workshops  and 3 shows in my head, not to mention keeping all those prop sets in my house for 15 years, well it’s got to be something more, hasn’t it?

So, my conclusion, is it’s the belief. Freshwater believe in what they do. From Carol Tagg & Helen Wood (two inspiring women who started the company), to every person in the office developing workshops, making prop sets or getting us into your schools, there’s a belief that what we do matters. Imagination matters. Learning matters. And to put those two things together so that children can learn through drama, and have fun and confidence in that learning gloriously matters.

Be interesting to know what matters to you.

But for today, I’m done. 15 reasons. Next year, I wonder what will be my 16th?

About the author: Raewyn Lippert

Raewyn delivers a wide of sessions for Freshwater; you may have seen her as Florence Nightingale, Ada Lovelace or a distressed scientist, but her favourite session has to be Inspiring Women.