We have the pleasure of working with amazing venues every year. Whether you want to meet historical figures or role-play life in a specific time period we are sure to have something just right for your venue.

We had the privilege of visiting the Guildhall Art Gallery where we performed our Return of the Romans! show in London’s only real Roman amphitheatre!
We visited The Battle of Britain Bunker with a special site-specific Second World War session to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the start of the Second World War.
We visited Dulwich Picture Gallery during their Haunted sleepover with some spooky Guy Fawkes workshops! We also developed bespoke workshops to accompany their Moomin and Surrealism exhibitions.
See below some examples of sessions we could deliver in your venue or you can use our Browse our Workshops page for more specific searches.
History (KS1)

Adventures in Computing with Ada Lovelace

The amazing Ada Lovelace inspires your children with her love of maths and coding

History, History Day, History Large Group, History Shows (KS2)

Ancient Greek Adventure!

Are your children courageous enough to join the Time Traveller on a daring mission

History (KS2)

Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxons

Explore the settlement, life and culture of the Anglo-Saxons and re-enact the dramatic legend of the warrior Beowulf

Geography (KS2)

Environment Alert!

Through voicing their concerns at the ‘Earth Summit’, your children will engage with environmental issues and be empowered to think about what action they can take.

History, History Large Group (KS1, KS2)

First World War Diaries

Based on the real-life diaries of a WW1 veteran

History (KS1)

Great Fire of London

Experience London in 1666 as your pupils recreate life in Pudding Lane