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A Caribbean Story

Subject: Literacy/Storytelling

Age Group: KS1

Region: London/Greater London

“Wherever I go in life, I shall always come home to St. Lucia. And I shall always see my Grandpa,  enfolded between the sea and sky, tending his sea crops and watching the sun rise, with the waves lifting gently beneath him.”

Explore the rich tapestry of the landscape, culture and traditions of St Lucia through hearing and re-enacting the delightful story of a child and her fisherman grandfather.

Using drama activities such as roleplay and tableaux, the children will play a central role in bringing the story of My Grandpa and the Sea by Katherine Orr to life.  Throughout the session the children will learn about the geography of St Lucia and what it’s like to live on the island including local language, food and jobs.

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This workshop is perfect to support year-round learning as well as the following important events in your year planner:

  • Length of session: 60 minutes

  • Price: £142 + VAT

  • Number of Children: up to 30

  • Extra children are negotiable

  • All facilitators are DBS checked

Key Areas
  • Geography of St Lucia: human and physical

  • My Grandpa and the Sea by Katherine Orr