Democracy, Law and Liberty

Subject: History

Age Group: KS2

Region: London/Greater London

Order, order! Invite the Speaker of the House to take your class on a fascinating and fact-filled journey to discover the history of democracy, law and liberty, enthusing and inspiring children to live out these British Values in their schools and communities.

Focusing on crucial historic moments like the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, and more recent key reforms such as equal franchise and women’s fight for suffrage, your children will consider the impact that these changes have on our lives today and feel empowered to promote British values themselves.

The session will give children a broader understanding of how politics can change. Social structures or rules that may at first seem fixed and permanent, such as the voting age, have changed over time. Allow your children to see what could be possible from using their voice in politics and society.

We were very happy with the session and would use the company again. Thank you

Zoe Tarry. Echelford primary school

  • Length of session: 60 minutes

  • Price: One session costs £142 + VAT

  • Number of Children: up to 30

  • Extra children are negotiable

  • All facilitators are DBS checked

Key Areas
  • Participation in discussions, presentations, performances, role-play, improvisations and debate

  • Gaining and deploying historically grounded understanding of abstract terms such as ‘parliament’

  • The changing power of monarchs using case studies