The Quest for…The Maya Civilisation

Subject: History

Age Group: KS2

Region: London/Greater London, North West, West Midlands

Journeying around the Maya city-state of Palenque, your pupils will learn about the people, religion and culture of this ancient civilisation and consider what eventually led to its collapse.

The facilitator is in role as the Time Traveller, and the children have to show their knowledge by passing tasks related to the topic in order to graduate as Time Travellers themselves.

Children loved this session and were taking what they had learnt from this out into the playground during their break times and were creating their own Mayan games.

Amy Vincent, Goresbrook School, Dagenham

  • Length of session: 60 minutes

  • Price: One session costs £142 + VAT

  • Number of Children: up to 30

  • Extra children are negotiable

  • All facilitators are DBS checked

Key Areas
  • Maya society structure

  • Maya ruler: Pakal the Great

  • Maya writing and calendars

  • The demise of the Maya Civilisation