The Quest for…The Windrush

Subject: History

Age Group: KS1, KS2

Region: London/Greater London, North West, West Midlands

Join the Time Traveller as they journey back to 1948 to join the passengers of the Empire Windrush on its voyage to Great Britain. Through role-play, your children will step aboard and imagine what it was like to journey as passengers. Then, arriving in Britain, they will discover what settling in a new country was like, the difficulties of finding work and the discrimination that many people faced.

The facilitator is in role as the Time Traveller and the children will show their knowledge by passing tasks and working together to become Time Travellers themselves.

Important Events Link

This workshop is perfect to support year-round learning as well as the following important events in your year planner:

  • Windrush Day (22nd June)
  • Black History Month (1-31st October)

All of the key aspects of the Windrush were covered in an engaging way. I was really impressed with the wide variety of activities and how much was fitted into just one hour.

Sarah Ward, Hague Bar Primary School, Derbyshire

  • Length of session: 60 minutes

  • Price: Workshops are £142 + VAT per session and Large group sessions cost £235 + VAT

  • Number of Children: up to 30 for workshops and 120 for Large group

  • Extra children are negotiable

  • All facilitators are DBS checked

Key Areas
  • Types of people that made the journey and why they came

  • Discrimination faced

  • The Windrush Generation Legacy: celebrating their amazing contributions