Ancient Greek Adventure!

Are your children courageous enough to join the Time Traveller on a daring mission, journey back to Ancient Greece and persuade Zeus, a rich Athenian and a Spartan slave to help them?

Two facilitators visit your school with a small set, props and costumes. The children go on an imaginary journey back into the past with the hapless Time Traveller.

There are many interactive elements and the students are involved in solving Greek-related activities to help the Time Traveller graduate from time travel school.

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Children were able to talk enthusiastically about the experience, recalling lots about what they had learnt. The learning reinforced lots of the requirements of the National Curriculum as well as enthusing the children about the subject matter.

Mark Ebden, James Cambell Primary School, Dagenham

  • Length of session: One 80 minutes show (History Show) or 80 minute show, followed by two 45 minute workshops (History Day)

  • Price: One show costs £295 + VAT, History Day costs £570 + VAT

  • Number of Children: up to 120

  • Extra children are negotiable

  • All facilitators are DBS checked

Key Areas
  • Culture - theatre, philosophy, democracy, Olympic Games

  • Social structure - life in Sparta, the role of women, slavery

  • Lifestyle - clothes, pastimes

  • Greek alphabet

  • Homer's Iliad and Odyssey - Theseus and the Minotaur

  • Greek gods

  • Battles - Troy, Marathon, Thermopylae, Salamis