Drama Game – Gift Giving

03 Feb 2023

For many people, the holiday season often involves gift-giving. Did your pupils receive a gift they loved this festive period? This exercise helps pupils share what they have been up to.

This game develops spacial awareness and observational skills.

How It Works:

Gather the group into a circle.

To start, mime that you are holding a wrapped box containing a present. Pass the imaginary gift to the player beside you. It is up to the player opening it to decide what it is. The player must use mime to unwrap the present and to show the other what it is.

Repeat this until everyone has a turn.

Take It Further:

To help hone their performance skills, get players to think of a gift they have received recently, or a gift they would like to receive. They can also choose an item associated with an activity. For example, they might discover a snowflake from a winter walk.

Whilst they are miming what the item is, encourage them to show their excitement or surprise at what it is whilst they are opening it.